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The complex analytics and management platform CUB-System is designed to build a modern system for accounting, processing, monitoring and searching data.

CUB-System - smart data management:

  • {Universal} - The system implements an intuitive configuration of a relational database with a unique structure and accounting scheme, which allows one to quickly configure the system and deploy a desktop or server version;
  • {Functional} - Huge functionality allows one to organize disparate data and perform various calculations, as well as organize accounting and management;
  • {Safe} - The data is stored and processed on the user`s information carrier, while it is possible to encrypt records in the database, and installing the platform on an encrypted flash drive will guarantee 100% security of confidential information;
  • {Portable} - Software and database is "in your pocket" as everything can be stored on a flash drive;
  • {Ergonomic} - The multilingual user interface is focused on comfortable and efficient work and is consistent with modern trends;
  • {Cross-plaformed} - Desktop and server versions of the platform run on Windows and Linux operating systems;
  • {Accessible} - The server version of the system can be accessed from any device via a web browser;
  • {Expandable} - Integration with third-party information systems is possible, as well as the development and addition of specialized software modules;
  • Additional information in the User manual.

Demo versions of the platform:

For testing and product implementation in your company, write to us
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